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Best 3 dating apps and how to hunt for love on them

The pros of online dating vs offline

The financial side of online dating

Top dating apps to get a hot girl

No. 3 app. TinderSelect

No. 2 app. Luxy

No. 1 app. Brilic

How to minimize your expenses even more?


The pros of online dating vs offline

Meeting beautiful girls online became a necessity and a pleasant habit for modern men. International dating and interracial affairs became no less popular than local acquaintances.

Why is it more preferable to seek a mate online? No one doubts this like people did a few decades ago. We shop online, study online, work online, so we find our love online too.

  • Inspiration. Many report it’s very inspirational to be in touch with a beautiful stranger 24/7. It gives a special fresh feeling of adventure, having a secret lover of a kind.
  • Choice. Nowadays, people love to be free in their choices, and have a big assortment in anything. Dating apps perfectly serve these needs, and provide many options.
  • A partner from abroad is an extra motivation to travel and see the world. Such a mate is a free guide and language teacher, which is very convenient.
  • Sexual experience. It’s natural for men to seek new sexual experiences on wider territories, and out of their tribe. A foreign woman is always considered exotic.
  • Time-saving. Quick sharing interests and likes online is as efficient as multiple friendly walks, and chemistry appears even without long offline courtship.

Here we come to the point of the price. Does it makes sense to complain about costly dating apps? Is it reasonable to use only free dating apps and therefore save the money?

free dating apps

The financial side of online dating

First of all, even costly platforms, so-called elite dating apps, are still cheaper than purely offline dating. How do we know? Here is some of the information to consider.

To hookup a sexy girl in real life, without the help of applications, one goes either to the bar or nightclub. Often, the entrance costs something. Drinks cost the money as well.

Of course, if one is ok with low-quality girls, he can go to the cheapest bar on his street and meet someone nearly for free. Men who prefer quality, cannot think of saving the funds.

Even in the nightclubs, some girls are sugar babies, and even in the bars, some women are escort girls. Sex is rarely free, it includes at least basic investments, just like hookup app fees.

On another side, applications for serious dating are even more life-stabilizing. They literally save the fortune to someone, since offline courtship is so crazily expensive.

Not all modern women are expecting it like in old times, but many still hope for it. It is still considered in society, and confirmed by media that women do need the flower-chocolate period.

Well, there are many cases already when one gift delivery to a girl through the app replaced the whole courtship process. A girl’s need in romance was satisfied, and she waited for a man to love him.

Free dating apps do not give this effect. It’s more like a social network where a big mass of people writes to a girl, without any real signs of attention, so she expects a lot from the real meeting.

Elite dating apps and VIP statuses of a man’s profile, on the opposite, solve all possible problems from the beginning. Just by joining them, you give a sign to a girl you’re successful.

Interesting but it works like a hypnosis, and lots of men confirm that. If a girl met a man on the elite app or site, she doesn’t ask extra questions after, and she isn’t in hurry to see the confirmation.

Basically, it means that you can take her to a cheap cafe and she’ll think it’s just a temporary option, or you’re being thrifty with your billions. This set of mind will let you date her a long time.

elite dating apps

Top dating apps to get a hot girl

Since we already defined that elite dating apps work the best, let’s stay focused on them. International dating apps and sites are also preferable, if we aren’t into one narrow field only.

For example, it’s understood that young handsome cubs should search on cougar apps, BBW lovers much search on BBW apps and sites, and so on. We’re talking here about classical dating.

No. 3 app. TinderSelect

Why is this popular platform on the third place only? Exactly for this reason: a big mix of people from everywhere, the platform’s concept is shallow, and many join to find job offers.

Still, TinderSelect is one of the coolest and trendiest platforms, with many options and features available, although it keeps you in a waiting list a bit long, and patience is needed.

No. 2 app. Luxy

Luxy is recommended because it’s less mainstream and more selective, there are many beautiful models and they’re independent enough to date someone more modest.

The only disadvantage is that waiting list takes even a longer period and one needs to really prove his social level, by some scanned bills or VIP connections in the world of business.

No. 1 app. Brilic

We put this newer dating app on the first place, because it’s easy to join without extra proves, at least for now. No waiting list either, until it grows into a billion member platform.

The subscription fee is rather high, but it once and forever guarantees a girl’s good impression, no additional courtship of high expense is needed. She already knows you’re solid and stable.

There is also a free trial period so one can try it out and make sure the app is highly effective. Lots of women from different countries are registered there, and wait for their prince charming.

Best 3 dating apps

How to minimize your expenses even more?

Now, here are a few tricks from dating experts on how to spend even less. We summarize, that a subscription or membership fee on elite dating app is one necessary expense.

All other kinds of expenses are optional, and lead to either improving or spoiling one’s results. For example, one romantic gift delivery definitely raises a man’s chances for hookups or marriage.

But frequent gift sending makes a girl underestimate your attention and material efforts. Therefore, it’s just a waste of money. The same can be said about sending her money.

If you like her too much and think she is hard to get, suggest some material help on the beginning, but only after you made sure through video chats and phone calls she’s real.

Fifty bucks by WU or even twenty dollars hidden inside of a postcard, is usually enough to prove your serious intentions so a girl will be following you everywhere like the most devoted being.

But if she behaves like a capricious princess even before you send any gift or money, just skip that step. Be romantic and that’s enough, it will be her problem is she doesn’t accept your admiration.

Why twenty dollars work better for Brilic girls than for Luxy girls? Because Luxy costs the money for girls too, and they probably earn no less than you, so little gifts won’t impress them.

But Brilic app is free for women. Men do not realize positive consequences of that, so they complain it’s unfair. Free membership attracts poor girls who will do anything for a little help.

Lots of men are doing the following trick as well: bringing the stuff they don’t need. Check your house thoroughly: maybe there are some items in good condition that would make a girl happy.

A teddy bear works great for her kid. Your mom’s or sister’s purse is a good solution for a girl’s mother. Inexpensive jewellery that stays on your shelf for ages, can make her eyes spark.

Courtship isn’t always expensive, one just needs to know and apply some basic secrets. Online dating allows to apply them more efficiently than classical offline acquaintances.


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