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Dating in Ukraine: how did it change lately?

Just a few years ago, you needed a bunch of papers for Ukrainian girl if you wanted her to visit you in one of the European cities or travel together with you. She was spending weeks to gather all the documents and was charging you double and triple as you knew nothing about all that complicated process. Since then, things changed a lot as Ukraine is a part of Europe now. A girl can easily travel anywhere within Europe and no visa is needed. The only thing she needs is a biometric passport. Some girls speculate that they still don’t have it or it costs the fortune. But you should know that a simple passport of new pattern costs just 20 dollars and an urgent one costs 30. Add 15 more dollars if she wants to use a private company’s service, but that’s it. No huge amount of money is needed.
With entering Europe, the women in Ukraine got a bit higher salaries than before, just like the men. But the quality of their life didn’t change much. There are still bad roads, half-ruined transport and buildings in Ukraine, like if no one repaired them since Soviet Union times. They co-exist with some modern buses and buildings though, but the whole picture isn’t very nice. It’s not understandable, for example, why the capital of Ukraine doesn’t look any close to the capital of Russia or even Moldova. Only a few districts of Kiev look attractive for the tourists, the rest is such a mess. Lots of green trees? Well it’s healthy but it doesn’t help the city evolve.
Living among such miserable landscapes, Ukrainian girls either become short-minded or do their best to escape from the country. They may consider you to be their lucky ticket. It’s both good and bad for you. It’s good because they are in hurry to get closer and become a couple. But it’s bad because they might ignore all your other advantages seeing only the door out. Sometimes the rare and healthy combination happens when a girl is naturally interested in further perspectives but also in your personality. Don’t give up your hopes and discuss with her more in depth, in order to see her motives better.
In general, Ukraine stabilized its economy at the moment. Cheap fruits, cereals, and other products can be easily bought, and there is a huge assortment of various clothes, cosmetics, jewelry. It’s easy for Ukrainian girls to look good, but they want a better quality of life. Too bad if they rely only on a man in that. Try to stick to a business-minded girl able to help herself both in Ukraine and later in your country. You don’t have to be her nanny as she can perfectly adapt to any circumstances and eventually win. That’s the best kind of partner you can bring with you from Ukraine, while helpless and demanding Barbies can ruin anyone’s budget.
For sure, dating in Ukraine is strongly affected by the changes in people’s mentality. It was not possible to remain the same after the Euromaidan revolution and war. So many lives of young people were lost, and a big part of Ukrainian territory is lost as well. It’s reflected in people’s mind. It can be said with all the confidence that Ukrainian girls grew more mature and responsible, and less egoistic after those tragic events. Many found themselves true patriots and some even became heroes as there are several all-female battalions in the Ukrainian army. We bet you can conquer some of the girls’ hearts telling them you are not going to spend much on their shopping today since you already sent some money for the victims of the war zone. Yes, that’s a good test for their sincerity.
Despite their patriotic feelings, the girls started to seek a potential shelter somewhere abroad for their future kids. By statistics, women in Ukraine don’t feel it’s a safe environment for their children. Even if they didn’t open their minds yet towards a total removal, it’s already in their subconscious that a territory of Ukraine should be left for something safer and nicer. It gives you a good opportunity to keep on developing this idea and suggest yourself as a “savior charming”.


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