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Do guys hold hands in public with a hookup or it’s a taboo

The younger a girl is, the more romantic her expectations are, even if it’s just about casual sex. This nice quality makes girls wonder whether guys ever hold hands with hookups.

“I knew a guy since early childhood and we met again after 20 years. So he surely was special to me while I was just a hookup to him, which I didn’t realize.

It became clear when I tried to hold hands with him when we walked outside to buy some beer. He took his hand away from me although he talked nicely as before.

Meanwhile, I saw the photo of him with his ex where they were holding hands and it wasn’t a problem. So he jiust perceived me differently and used me for sex.

“Recently, I met a guy who I really liked but we happened to have hookup on the very first night. I wasn’t sure whether it’s a new relationship or hookuping though.

Then we went to bring more sandwiches and condoms but he refused to hold my hand. I made the conclusion he’s just casual with me and it’s not going to change”.




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