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Does my hookup have feelings for me: how to detect

Normally hookups are nearly emotionless or based on friendly feelings since both participants want sex only. But it does happen that chemistry is too strong and it creates extra hopes.

If you have any suspicion that your casual lover is into you, keep on observing. Some of the signs are too obvious to ignore, so you’ll know the truth pretty quickly. You can improve your dating experience by dating profile coach.

  •  Too much texting. When it’s naughty sexting, all is predictable, but if sexting gets romantic and continues all day long, then it’s definitely a sign of special attention.
  •  Big smile and body language. Casual lovers are always advised to keep cool, but strong feelings can be out of control. Your hookup smiles a lot if overly happy.
  •  Extra attractiveness. For hookuping, much beauty isn’t needed. If your hookup tries to look fancy like on the real date, it means your interest means a lot to them.
  •  Entering your personal space. Interfering isn’t always annoying, it can also be cute. If your hookup wants to know things about you and assist you, it’s a sign as well.

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