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Finding a Safe International Marriage Agency

Finding a safe international marriage agency has become more of a challenge. There are several reputable sites but many scams are thrown into the mix. This makes it difficult to sort the good from the bad. Fortunately, when you know what to look for, finding a safe international marriage agency is fairly simple. Here’s what you need to know.

Address, Email, and Phone

One of the first few things you want to check when you find an international marriage agency is if they have a valid physical address, email and phone number on their website. This may be in the footer, on the contact page or located deeper within the website. Scam sites will not provide this information because 1. They likely do not have all of it and 2. They don’t want to get caught.

Upfront Pricing

Upfront pricing is also important. Marriage agencies provide a service so it does cost money but you should know exactly what you’re paying before providing any credit card information. Most offer a wide variety of individual services and safe agencies will include a detailed description of each along with pricing. Additionally, the terms of each service must be clear.

Credit Card Processing

A safe site will have a credit card processing system. In addition to that, the merchant service that processes the credit and debit cards must encrypt the data to protect it from theft. Another thing to look for is payment options. In addition to paying with a credit or debit card, most safe sites now feature PayPal checkout, Bitcoin, and others.

No Exploitation

You can tell right off the bat if a website is exploiting foreign women for commercial gain. The sites are often filled with over sexualized photos of international women, overuse the term mail order bride and give off the impression that it is easy to marry a woman from a foreign country. A safe international marriage agency solely focuses on connecting men with women from different countries. Agencies are simply catering to a niche specific clientele. Nothing more.

No Guarantees

Always be wary of a marriage agency that guarantees marriage or a relationship. The nature of the business does not work that way. The deciding factors are attraction and compatibility. You may meet a woman, decide to visit her, fall in love and get married but there’s a chance that will not happen as well. Those who guarantee such things likely have shady practices or are trafficking the women on the site. No one searching for a real relationship wants to be part of that.


Confidentiality is included in the privacy statement of every safe international marriage agency. Look for something in the statement that says member information will not be shared or sold to third parties. The privacy statement must also clearly state how personal information is handled and protected.

Database Size

Another indication of a reputable marriage agency is database size. Those with a large number of members are usually the sites you can trust. When an agency does things right, people come so check this out prior to making an investment. You want to avoid those with numbers in the hundreds or low thousands. They are either just getting started or have a less than trustworthy reputation. Also, keep in mind that more members mean an increased chance of finding someone you like.

Online Reputation

Lastly and most importantly, do your research. When you find an agency or agencies that interest you, input the name in a search engine, read some testimonials and online reviews. Dig deep and see if it is legitimate. Just remember to put more emphasis on reviews and testimonials that are not on the agency’s website since the feedback featured is often favorable to them. A quick search often uncovers things about an agency you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Forums dedicated to the international marriage niche may even have some helpful info.
Overall, international marriage agencies are great. Most offer exceptional services and do help clients find the partners of their dreams. Since such services do cost money, just make sure that you know where that money is going and that the business is legitimate. The right agency can unlock endless possibilities and greatly improve your love life.


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