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Russian vs Asian women: what to expect from your trip?

Social and historical background of Russian and Asian dating

Today, Asian and Russian women are the most desirable for western. How did it happen? What did western women did to let their men get distracted by other nationalities?

When answering this question, men usually express two main complaints, about feminism and about women-oriented laws in the west. These are two core problems of local marriages.

Although both are artificial and girls in fact aren’t guilty that they are raised by shallow pop-culture or famous people’s deadly example, the result is following, a high percent of divorces and breakups.

Russian and Asian women are much less affected by these factors: feminism is still undeveloped there, and mentality remains deeply patriarchal, up to obedience.

In other words, it’s easy to feel like a true man while dating an Asian or Russian lady. It comes naturally and there is a nice balance in such a communication, a kind of true harmony.

Pop-culture affects them a little bit, but they really tend to listen their local songs and watch their local movies, so the preservation of culture and values take place which is very refreshing.

Finally, the laws in Russia or Asia aren’t very rewarding for women, therefore, they aren’t encouraged to stay in their own country or date only within their own territory.

What do we have at the end? Hot girlfriends, loving wives, amazing lovers, whose mind isn’t filled with hate and who are literally craving a partner, even if out of their country.

dating an Asian or Russian lady

Who is more beautiful, Russian or Asian girls?

Why are men interested in interracial dating at all? Is it really a natural process? Yes, it is, because men are genetically hunters and warriors. Since ancient times, they hookup anywhere they go.

Today, African or Asian beauty is considered exotic and desirable. For sure, some men wouldn’t open their mind towards this idea if not fashion shows and covers of the magazines.

Exotic-looking models are frequent participants on them. If gender-neutral personalities aren’t much in favour among western men, then gorgeous feminine models of Asian origin definitely are.

Not to talk about Russian hotties who are considered alive patterns of classical beauty. They’ve got a rare combination of genes so the blondes prevail there, and their shapes are seductive.

It really depends which type of appearance one prefers. In a few words, Asian women are preferred by men who like petite and subtle bodies, so the tiny structure matters more than sexiness.

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Latin American women are obviously preferred by men who love big shapes and curves, that make even a young girl look mature. So it’s really about someone’s turn-ons and preferences.

Russian women, meanwhile, are preferred by the majority of men. They are slim but not flat or skinny, have curves but not too much, and their facial features are iconic. So they’re for aesthetes.

But let’s not underestimate men’s sexual mechanisms, they aren’t based on physical factors only. For sure, it’s possible to seduce a man with the help of women’s inner qualities as well.

Childish Asian beauty wouldn’t be that attractive without their playful actions, romantic and caring attitude, cute fresh movements and mimics, trendy clothes, submissive behaviour in a bed.

Russian beauty also includes many factors such as intelligence, good education, sense of humour, classy manners, caring hearts. All that is exciting, and makes a complete set.

Both Asian and Russian women can make trophy wives, but the majority of them are modest personalities and can fall in love or want intimacy simply because it’s natural and a man is nice.

Asian women

Do Asian and Eastern European girls differ in a bed?

Yes, there is a significant difference between Asian and Russian women sexuality. Let’s start from the most popular myth, that Asian female lovers are submissive. How did this myth appear?

For sure, from erotic movies, but real travellers also confirm women in Asia are unusually obedient. Many enjoy that, being tired from western girls’ dictatorship and overcontrol.

But it’s just a part of culture, since it’s natural for Asian women to rely on men, worship them, and expect their initiative. It concerns many areas of life, including sexual activity.

It’s not totally similar for all nationalities. Submissive nature of Asian women has certain nuances in each country. For example, Vietnamese girls simply don’t do much in a bed.

Japanese women are kind of taught to be servants and quietly accept any experiments from a man’s side. Chinese girls are way more classical although they also let a man lead.

South Korean girls adore to pretend they didn’t expect a kiss or love making, play being surprised, resisting, pushing a man away, and then showing how exhausted they are by the long process.Asian female

Yet, they enjoy every minute of that and it’s their way to be submissive as well. Taiwanese and Singaporean girls are a mix of shyness and boldness, but in a bed, they like to obey.

Not talking about Filipina women who are famous for worshipping their man. Some aren’t doing that properly and cordially anymore though, being spoiled by tourists’ attention.

In any case, Russian girls do not have this kind of submissive attitude, although they are generally patriarchal. They are open-minded enough to play doms and subs in turn, when needed.

Never do they worship a man, although this side of love is frequently mentioned in Russian songs and novels. Nor they like to be worshipped. It’s just a love game for them, like other experiments.

Deep inside, they enjoy equality in intimacy and exchanging roles when partners want. They do not follow the same scenario always, remaining creative and surprising to the highest degree.


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