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The Lowdown on Marriage and Relationships with Women from Russia

Marriage and relationships with women from Russia can be pretty fantastic. Men long to meet and woo a Russian woman for a reason. Their beauty and grace combined with the characteristics instilled in them by traditional Russian society yield amazing women. They are intelligent and witty but know how to maintain a household and raise children. To top things off, they are attentive and super supportive partners that are easy to talk to. A Russian woman will work hard to keep her man happy and the guy lucky enough to have her on his arm must do the same. Below are a few tips for marriage and relationships with women from Russia.

Be Patient

Patience is key when it comes to marriage and relationships with women from Russia. There is a lot to take in. In addition to a possible language barrier, you’ll likely experience a Russian culture overload. There are the traditions, the family, the music, the food and more. Welcome it all with open arms and be patient throughout the entire process. In time, her Russian culture and your Western roots will meld beautifully.

Return Her Loyalty

Enter a relationship with a Russian woman and you’ll notice her loyalty right away. Women from Russia will stand by your side through the good, the bad and take romantic commitments very seriously. Therefore, in order for a relationship to work, you must return that loyalty. When you do, a very powerful, respect filled partnership will follow.

Get to Know Her Family

Russian women are deeply devoted to their families so it is in your best interest to get to know them. Seriously, get close to them. Like, really close. That is a definite way to win over the woman you have your eye on and ensure a lasting romance (with the help of attraction and compatibility, of course). The best thing to do is build individual relationships with all her immediate family members. You will be surprised at the level of love and acceptance Russian families give to their daughters’ significant others.
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Don’t Be Offended

For a relationship between a Russian woman and a Western man to work, he has to understand her straightforwardness. Russian society is very direct. They do not beat around the bush nor put effort into sparing feelings. Some may find this refreshing while others process it as hurtful. Just know that the intention isn’t to be ruthless but rather address something and move on. Most realize how amazing this is in time.

Compliment Often

It is important to compliment the Russian woman you are in a relationship with. Commenting on how spectacular she looks is a start. Women from Russian put a lot of effort into looking good for their special guy but once the relationship is serious or you get married, take your compliments up a notch. Instead of commenting on her looks, compliment her intelligence, hard work, and/or caring nature. In other words, use compliments to show your appreciation.

Understand Her Edge

Women from Russia have this razor-sharp edge about them that some men find really attractive. Under all that beauty is a tough woman who can take care of herself. If you or anyone else oversteps their boundaries or disrespects her, a Russian woman’s defensive side comes out. This may even come across as aggressive but just remember that it’s simply her fire and passion coming to the surface.

Spoil Occasionally

This applies to all women but even more so for Russian women because they bring so much to a relationship. Wine and dine her once a month, buy her nice gifts just because, have a bouquet delivered or treat her to a shopping spree when you have some extra cash. You will be the BEST husband or boyfriend in her eyes. Just know that it is not the material things that impress. It is the thought and effort.
The tips above will make a romance or marriage with a Russian woman even more enjoyable. The more you know about a woman and how her mind works, the better your relationship will be. Every good romance needs that. If you have already met the Russian woman you plan to settle down with, don’t forget these tips. As for those who have not, get out there and find her. You will soon enough.

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